Overview of HMI activities 

  • 1990 Founding HMI in Mesa, Arizona
  • 1991 Establishing Veritas, a Hungarian subsidiary in Hungary to facilitate operations within Hungary itself
  • 1992 50 Children programs were produced in our small studio and broadcasted on the national television in Hungary
  • 1992 40,000 Copies of Ultimate Question by John Blanchard in Hungarian published and distributed
  • 1993–1998 Summer Bible schools are conducted in every year
  • 1994 Christian Video Club established with nationwide membership
  • 1995 The first ever Hungarian Exhaustive Concordance was published
  • 1996 Protestant Media Foundation (PROMED) was established
  • 1997 Equipping our studio with top quality studio and camera equipment and beginning to broadcast our monthly 30 Minutes Revival  magazine programs nationwide over forty local and regional networks.
  • 1998 Additional monthly 30 Minutes programs produced and broadcast
  • 1999 Focus on the Family project initiated
  • 2000 First Symposium in Budapest, Hungary
  • 2000 Our films, titled To See Face to Face & Angel’s Message awarded
  • 2001 Second Symposium with Film festival in Budapest, Hungary
  • 2001 Publishing the Hungarian Edition of the NIV Study Bible
  • 2002 Establishing our new HMI HQ in Budapest, Hungary
  • 2002 PROMED decides to initiate the revision of the Karoli Bible
  • 2002 Joseph Baranyi receives the Karoli Gaspar Award from the government
  • 2005 Beginning to broadcast our daily television programs
  • 2007 Publishing the New Testament part of our revised Karoli Bible
  • 2010 Publishing the paperback edition of New Testament part of our Karoli Bible
  • 2011 Publishing our revised Karoli Bible
  • 2013 Second edition of our revised Karoli Bible
  • 2014 Publishing the Hungarian version of the NIV Student Bible
  • 2014 Publishing the audio version of the New Testament of our revised Karoli Bible
  • 2015 Initiating the translation of the ESV Study Bible
  • 2016 Establishing The Budapest Institute for Contemporary Christianity

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