Why Hungary?

Why are we serving in this field?

We believe in our future and have hope. Jer. 29:11

Join us and help us!

HUNGARY - more than you expect

It’s a beautiful country in the heart of Central Europe. We have unique thermal and fresh water resources. Hungary was founded in 897 – before France and Germany became separate entities – so it is one of the oldest countries in Europe. The first complete Bible in the Hungarian language was published in 1590.

HUNGARY - the land of possibility

We have 13 Nobel laureate scientists. Hungarians were integrally involved in the development of the following everyday objects:  the safety match, the electric motor, the Rubix Cube, Vitamin C, the ballpoint pen, color television, modern computer architecture, and Excel and MS Office, to name a few. Hungary ranks 9th in the world for Olympic gold medals.

HUNGARY - the home of heroes and martyrs

The Hungarian nation has successfully fought to maintain its autonomy and culture for over a thousand years.  Hungary fell under Communist rule during the post-WWII age of the Iron Curtain.  A heroic attempt to cast off the Soviet yoke in 1956 resulted in nearly half a century of “goulash communism” but not freedom.

HUNGARY - the country of the hopeless

Forty-five years of Communist rule stamping out the Christian faith, followed by the rapid entry of secular Western culture, has left the people of Hungary disillusioned, disoriented and greatly shaken in their Christian faith.  This is why the country is ripe for the Good News.

Some worldrenowned Hungarian success