The Budapest Institute for Contemporary Christianity (BICC)

The establishment of The Budapest Institute for Contemporary Christianity in 2016 will provide a permanent place and entity to carry out our above-described ministry in the future. Here is a brief description of the concept of this new Institute.  The slogan: “…to equip the saints” emphasizes our mission.  The Budapest Institute for Contemporary Christianity is established following the example of The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, while taking into consideration circumstances unique to the Hungarian nation.  We have similar goals and identical theological principles.  We support and advocate the whole life discipleship model and want to be a catalyst in its establishment among Hungarians.

Most important goals of The Budapest Institute for Contemporary Christianity:

  • Give inspiration to the churches and help them to fulfill their mission more effectively
  • Reach out to Hungarian society in order to connect them with churches
  • Educate and equip for whole life discipleship
  • Uphold and stand for the evangelical theology on the highest level in Hungary (cultural apologetic courses and theological workshops)
  • Supply the resources and reference books for the ministry (dissemination)
  • Work toward unity among evangelical people and organizations

This center is characterized as:

  • Budapest - symbolizing the center of life in Hungary.  We follow the example of other Christian ministries and models, while applying them to current Hungarian circumstances and encouraging and emphasizing original, homegrown ideas.
  • Contemporary - which means that our target area is the present Hungarian society as we seek to provide fitting answers to the real problems of our day.
  • Christian - which refers to our roots, declaring clearly the spiritual standard of values to which we hold and by which we are measured.
  • Institute - meaning, this is not a temporary association or committee, but an organization meant to stand the test of time.