The Gyori Family

Our mission field is Hungary, serving the nation from its capital, Budapest.

Tamas & Virag and the kids

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Who we are

  • together since 1995 – one heart, one vocation 
  • a married couple since 2000 – a threefold cord (Eccles. 4:12)
  • we have 3 daughters – if you have a good plan, don’t change it! :)

Hanga (17), Panna (15), Mira (10)

Tamas & Virag


10th generation pastor


  • Missionary with Hungarian Ministries International
  • Project Manager of the newly revised Karoli Bible (this translation for Hungary is like the King James Version in the English speaking area) 
  • Executive Editor of the Hungarian edition of the ESV Study Bible
  • Director of the Budapest Institute for Contemporary Christianity (BICC)


  • Masters Degree in Human Resources Counseling
  • Masters Degree in Education with emphasis on Communities and Culture
  • Masters Degree in Pedagogy and School Management
  • Masters Degree in Theology

From 2015 September, I had the privilege of joining HMI as a missionary, and in February 2016, I became a full-time Christian worker, looking for prayer partners who would like to carry the burden of working together with us in spreading the Gospel among Hungarian speaking people. We obeyed God’s call, as He was leading us, and we have faith in Him that He will bless us on the way ahead.

My present responsibilities:

  • Finishing the work on ESV Study Bible and publishing it.
  • Prepare new smart phone applications – these are always very popular and reach many people. 
  • The newly revised Károli Biblia ran out of print. In the next edition, we are planning to prepare a brief introduction to each book, since we have more and more readers who are coming from a secular background.
  • As the director of the Budapest Institute for Contemporary Christianity (BICC), I am planning to organize different non-denominational activities using our recourses.



  • Editor-in-Chief of Family Magazine (a Hungarian Christian magazine for families)


  • Bachelors Degree in Pedagogy
  • Masters Degree in Education with emphasis on Religious Studies
  • Masters Degree in Publishing
The Gyori Family
Photos: Gabor Hollai

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