(TV, Internet, Video, Audio)

The need for solid Christian programming on electronic media not only in Hungary, but also throughout Europe, is immense.  The door is open, but existing facilities and resources are not up to the task. 

For the last two decades HMI/PROMED via Zakeus Media Center has established itself as a significant factor in the Christian electronic media in Hungary, with a suitable program, with evangelistic content, for the present spiritual needs.   Now we need more funding and people who can help us take this concept to the next level, and make Christian television programs a daily experience to the Hungarian people, thus presenting the gospel through the most effective media to our viewers. During the years hundreds of audio- and videotapes are produced in our studio and circulated through a Christian club.

Beginning with 1998 we are contracted with several regional and local TV stations to broadcast our programs. Here is a sample of some of our television programs:

Revival:  A monthly 30-minutes magazine program with news and reports about different Christian activities among Hungarian Protestant churches, witnessing how people’s lives were changed, because of the Gospel. We believe that the Gospel still reaches              people wherever they are, but we are trying to present examples familiar to our viewers.

Rosetta: 10-part 30-minutes series of Christian art. We are introducing Christian artists, buildings, and music in Hungary in an educational, evangelistic way. For example, in September our topic was the school and church, the Reformation was October’s topic, November is the month of the eternal life, and the December program is about incarnation.

“Children are a reward from God”:  A four part series, each 50 minutes in length, about abortion. We introduce Hungarian Christian families and their questions about children, teens and their education to our audience. We try to find biblical answers to parents’ questions.

One of our films that we presented at the meeting about the blind girl, titled To See Face to Face, was nominated for an award along with another one of our productions titled Angel’s Message at the annual meeting of the Local and Regional TV Networks in Hungary on April 6, 2000. The second film is an exclusive interview with a Hungarian missionary, held hostage in Chechnya for more than a year.